Bangalore Schools Sports Foundation

Champion in Me – Red Ribbon Revolution Together for HIV/AIDS & Prevention

The Champion in me Sports meet was initiated in 2009 with 100 children participating in the first annual sports meet now 2013 has reached out to nearly 1590 children across various support and care centers from Karnataka and other states  

The Main objective and vision of this project is to


CHAMPION IN ME , Children Living with HIV/AIDS have competed in all mainstream sports events in the city

This strategic revolution has a new approach partnering and empowering students from schools and colleges to unite to the vision to eradicate stigma and discrimination and support to the needs generated to the next phase of HIV/AIDS response

Solving HIV/AIDS will only happen if the future generation and systems are strengthened with adequate knowledge and awareness programs

We believe by you taking a lead role through the REB RIBBON REVOLUTION can eradicate “STIGMA & DISCRIMINATION “among these children who have been living with HIV/AIDS in our community at large

Together we can do it…..