About Us

CHAMPION IN ME - Red Ribbon Revolution conceptualized and initiated by Elvis Joseph – Director of Bangalore Schools Sports Foundation with a clear vision, objectives and focus to unite communities, organizations, institutions towards a common goal, building bridges of Hope breaking barriers in the community through sports as a medium a holistic approach “ERADICITANG STIGMA and DISCRIMINATION “among children and youth living with HIV/AIDS in the country and bringing them to the mainstream through sports as a medium of transformation

“One third of people living with HIV are children under the age of 17, many of whom are longing to be involved in sports, either as spectators or as participant. It is important for young people to have access and opportunities “The Right to play” so that they can stay fit with more confidence and lead healthy and productive lives

Bangalore Schools Sports Foundation has been a key partner in addressing the felt needs of CLHIV, “Taking the Lead” through Sports, we truly believe that Sports is a force for change and the sporting community can be the only key partner in reaching out to children, young, men and women globally.