An Erosion of traditional Values creates challenging environment for development in many of the world’s countries with many nations lagging behind their commitments to achieve development goals.

We as a Nation are in an invisible Crisis: Therefore it requires Leaders and visionaries towards development and making a positive change for the future of children and youth in the country

HIV/AIDS Stigma and Discrimination exist worldwide, although they Manifest themselves differently across countries, religious groups and individuals, Stigma not only makes it more difficult for adults and children trying to come to terms with HIV and manage their illness on a personal level , but it also interferes with attempts to fight the Epidemic

With More than 1,00,000 ( One Lakh ) Children below the age of 16 are living with HIV in  India, We believe innovative approaches to developments are needed and Solutions to HIV/AIDS will only happen if the future generation and systems are strengthened with adequate knowledge and AWARENESS programs such as Eradicating Stigma and Discrimination 

RED RIBBON REVOLUTION is an exceptional opportunity the reason for a change in strategy a matter of brutal reality, This strategic revolution in global health will pose important questions and streamline strategies for AIDS governance. This Revolution also means that it is in a strong position to embrace generously and be a catalyst for integration and change

CHAMPION IN ME, A well designed sports based initiative was inducted in the year 2009,    a powerful, simple low-cost and effective means to achieve developments and objectives, furthering childhood and youth development .

Inducting competitive Sports and recreation activities for children and youth living with HIV/AIDS has been one of the strategic approaches that has benefited in contributing to their physical fitness, mental well- being and social interaction, eradicating stigma and discrimination and bringing them to the mainstream in the society has been valuable in itself